Conformal coating process of PCB

Conformal coating process of PCB

The first step in the shaping coating is the choice of the coating material. Several factors should be considered, including the necessary protection, if the selected coating can be processed in the line considering its application, drying and cycle time and its cost-effectiveness. Popular coatings are based on epoxy, urethane, silicone and acrylic.

Choosing the right coating requires a lot of experience and technical knowledge and is an almost impossible decision for anyone except a specialist. After choosing the correct coating materials to meet the mechanical, chemical and electronic requirements of the plate, the main Conformal Coating Line process, the coating process itself, can begin. There are different methods of applying coating to the board, such as squirting, spraying, dipping, flooding, dispensing, and depositing steam.

Because most printed circuit board PCBs contain components that can not be coated, the modern standard is selective spray coating. Several parameters must be considered, since not every coating can be applied in all processes. One problem, for example, is that many of the nozzles in the selective spray equipment become clogged quickly, so that highly viscose coatings can not be used and the exchange of coatings can be problematic.

Conformal coating process of PCB

Another important factor is the layout of the board, which should be designed for the coating beforehand to ensure the most effective and economical coating. This is because spaces on very high or very compressed circuit boards can not be sprayed with each nozzle.

After the backing has been applied, the next step is the drying process. This process must occur in a regulated temperature profile so that the results can be reproduced and are reliable. Incorrect temperature profiles or too rapid hardening of the coating can lead to various faults, such as blisters, holes or orange peel effect. Of course the backing is crucial and complicated.

The end result is what matters – that is, a product that works perfectly. When it comes to the PCB end product, it is best to work with the proven companies that offer PCB assembly services USA. Keep in mind that every PCB manufacturing process requires professionalism and experience.

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